Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals


PPP manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Melbourne manufacture, warehouse and distribute clinical supplies for use in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America.

Both facilities have been purpose built and are TGA licenced to manufacture therapeutic goods for clinical trials, and hold state Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Licences.

Head Office and cGMP Facility

Port Melbourne which is approximately three kilometres from the Melbourne city centre. It is serviced by a Freeway to the international airport and is located within 10km of five major teaching hospitals.

The cGMP manufacturing facility was constructed in 2012 and received its TGA cGMP licence in November 2013, and a summary of the facility is provided below.

5 dedicated clean rooms including:

  • 2  ISO08 Clean rooms for powder handling
  • Packaging Rooms
  • Grade C Aseptic Preparation Room
  • Grade B Room with Grade A Laminar Hood for Aseptic Filling
  • All rooms are continuously temperature and humidity monitored
  • Dedicated IS08 equipment wash room
  • Dedicated Equipment Store Room

Warehouse facilities include:

  • Dedicated secure quarantine area
  • Walk in 2-8⁰C Cool Room
  • -20⁰C Freezers
  • 15-25⁰C Warehouse

Warehousing Facility

The standalone warehouse facility was constructed in 2015 and received its TGA cGMP licence in 2015.